Back for Chinese New Year 2014

Just got back from a quick but inspiring trip to Singapore & my hometown Klang in Malaysia. Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Would like to thank all the wonderful peeps in sg and my for showing me around again after 6 years of not going back properly. I’m also proud to announce that I’m a member of the infamous RSCLS crew of Singapore. Big ups and much love, will definitely keep in touch and go back more often from now on.

I can totally say, i Miss using Malaysian & Singapore Paint PYLOX is the Shiznit!!

Here’s a few photos taken with my shitty iphone & digital camera. Enjoy. Thanks for the visit :)

1_RWSG 2_RWSG 3_RWSG366a93f891b111e3b9670ed18cdf8007_8 6032d9ec91b211e3b0eb12336c476ee8_8

1_Klang 2_Klang 1_Katun 2_Katun2 1_jelatek 2_jelatek

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