Feb 12

Dragon Fisherman

Exterior commission of a new apartment situated on 171 Inkerman Street, St. Kilda. I spend a full 2 weeks on the job.

Special thanks to Lance & Shana of Platinum for the commission. Stay tune for the join-up & thanks for visiting.


Feb 12

Donvale Chiropratic Centre

Apologies for the late updates.

Been busy with mural commissions for this year. Here’s an Interior of a Chiropractic Centre at Doncaster. Pictures taken with my iphone / Instagram.

Much thanks & love to Yvette & Stephen for the commission. Will update the join-up soon.




Dec 11

Metro Xmas


Spray paint on 2 x 2 m canvas.  Special thanks to Alex of Metro Gallery for the hook-up.

Live painting at Metro Gallery


Saturday 17th December 12pm – 5pm.



1214 High Street

Armadale 3143

(03) 9500 8511

Dec 11

Drewfunk – PARITY – Photos

Would like to thank everyone who came for Opening Night at Paradise Hills Gallery. It was great!

Special thanks to the BBoys of Kings Only & Cameron McIver for the awesome performances.

The show is still on till the 10th of December, so feel free to check it out if you are in Richmond / Melbourne.

Here are some pictures taken for the show, Enjoy.

Picture Credits: Kristy Lee Milliken

Nov 11

Parity – Video Preview

Oct 11

Drewfunk – PARITY – Solo Exhibition

Parity examines the harmonious themes of balance and equality, present and past, heritage and ancestry, memory and experience. The artworks draw upon both western imagery and oriental symbolism to reference DrewFunk’s experience across two cultures; as experienced when the artist moved from Malaysia to Australia.

The artist’s cultural heritage coincides with memories of childhood, evoking nostalgic undertones – through the inclusion of mythical creatures, a lonely tree house, and images of childhood pets. Consolidating creative energy from artistic peers, urban influences and the works of master painters, Parity proposes a link between the creative elements of fine art, music and dance.

The artworks explore harmony and equality through the pairing of opposing colours, themes, mediums and cross-cultural art forms. In a step away from DrewFunk’s familiar ink works, Parity seeks to master the medium of paint through elegant, fluid brushwork.

DrewFunk’s graffiti and street art roots remain evident within the works, as he combines aerosol techniques with traditional oriental brushwork and symbolism to create a vibrant flare and movement on the canvas.


Performance by Kings Only & Music by Skills.

Sep 11

Oxford Art Factory / Sydney

A very special thanks to Mark Gerber of Oxford Art Factory for the invite and having me over.

Big thanks to all the lovely artist & friends that was around too.

picture credits: Bill Chen & Maja Baska

Sep 11


Here’s another preview of the new works i’ve been producing.

Monkey / 40 x 40 inches / Acrylic & enamel on stretched linen.

Jul 11



Mix Media on linen

40″ x 40″ .


First preview from a body of paintings that i’ve been working on for a few months.

Dates of the show will be updated soon.


picture credit: Kristy Milliken 

Jul 11

drewfunk 12×12 Luck Zodiac

 Ink & Enamel on 400gsm paper.

Available at WWW.WATIM.COM.